Eat, sleep and feel better

Some interesting simple points here about how something as simple as food can have a massive impact on how you feel. Obvious I know. But when the title of a video is ‘How to become more rational and level headed’ you expect a lot more mumbo jumbo. But the truth is, sometimes low-hanging fruit like eating properly, paired with a good sleep routine can be enough to help you feel dramatically better. [.mp4 of video]


There’s always some dude inexplicably loving it

Afghanistan right now is being overrun by the Taliban. As they moved into the capital of Kabul [c] locals were attempting to escape the country on various aeroplanes at the airport. As planes filled up and doors were closed, desperate people even began to hold onto the outside of the place to escape.

Anyway, I noticed in one of the videos that there were a few people almost having fun:

And it reminded me a bit of scenes from the Bradford City fire:

It seems that no matter how dire the situation, there’s always some dude who inexplicably enjoys the drama of it all.

(Full video from Kabul below)

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