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The Parler U.S. Capitol Riot Video Archive

Before Parler was closed down (for now anyway) some hackers downloaded almost the entirety of the site. Vice has the story [c]:

Donk_enby had originally intended to grab data only from the day of the Capitol takeover, but found that the poor construction and security of Parler allowed her to capture, essentially, the entire website. That ended up being 56.7 terabytes of data, which included every public post on Parler, 412 million files in all—including 150 million photos and more than 1 million videos. Each of these had embedded metadata like date, time and GPS coordinates—unlike most social media sites, Parler does not strip metadata from media its users upload, which, crucially, could be useful for law enforcement and open source investigators. 

I’m no SysAdmin but surely one of the first things you do if you run a web service which lets users upload media is to make sure that you strip the EXIF data. It’s hilarious that Parler didn’t do this.

Anyway all this data is useful in identifying crimes that were done during the recent riot in the U.S. capitol [c] as many of the rioters were Parler users.

But the vast majority of video on Parler had nothing to do with the riot. So ProPublica have done the legwork [c] and released an archive of around 500 videos from the riot itself. All neatly organised too (unlike the rioters).

You can view them all here. It’s fascinating stuff.


Dr Martens To Go Public

British boot manufacturer Dr Martens is going to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Financial Times [c]:

While Dr Martens has returned to profitability under Permira’s ownership, the period has not been without problems. In recent years, the brand has suffered complaints that the quality of its shoes is not what it used to be.

Mr Wilson dismissed “rumours” about the quality of Dr Martens boots, saying that the company has been using the same leather supplier for the past 20 years. But it has no plans to reintroduce its life-long warranty range, which it ditched three years ago citing low demand for the more expensive boot.

Outside the fashion community Dr Martens has entirely lost its reputation. No boot enthusiast is buying them any more. Docs were never work boots, but they were always exteremly well made and long lasting. Those days are over.

Instead I’d reccomend buying some Solovair’s instead. They use the same machinery that older Dr Martens were made with. And I’ve been very happy with mine.

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‘Inside Twitter’s Decision to Cut Off Trump’

The New York Times [c]:

But Mr. Dorsey was not sold on a permanent ban of Mr. Trump. He emailed employees the next day, saying it was important for the company to remain consistent with its policies, including letting a user return after a suspension.

Many workers, fearing that history would not look kindly upon them, were dissatisfied. Several invoked IBM’s collaboration with the Nazis, said current and former Twitter employees, and started a petition to immediately remove Mr. Trump’s account.

[…] Some Twitter employees, fearing the wrath of Mr. Trump’s supporters, have now set their Twitter accounts to private and removed mentions of their employer from online biographies, four people said. Several executives were assigned personal security.

I still don’t know how I feel about Trump being banned from Twitter. I personally think a two week ban might of been the better option.

Also it’s worth revisiting this article by the New York Times again: How Trump Reshaped the Presidency in Over 11,000 Tweets.


Snow and the iPhone

I’ve been taking this same photograph from my bedroom window of fresh snow ever since I got my first iPhone over 11 years ago. And do you know what? For all the improvements to the iPhone camera over that time this photo still looks as crappy as ever. Low-light conditions continues to be a problem the iPhone hasn’t quite conquered yet.


I’ve finally snagged, a domain I’ve been after for around a decade! I don’t know what this is really going to be. I think a microblog. A place for all manner of bits and bobs. Because I miss Tumblr. So I’m creating my own, with blackjack and hookers.