A Trip to Windsor Castle

I visited Windsor Castle° yesterday. It was surprisingly good.

Firstly, I shocked by the weapons and armour on display. I was expecting lots of stately rooms and paintings, but the sheer amount of guns and swords took me by surprise (a very welcome surprise though).

Secondly I liked how it was a ‘working’ castle. It didn’t feel like a museum. There was administrative staff knocking about, and The Queen actually spends time here – it’s one of her actual homes. And it was nice wondering around a room knowing that in a few days time the Queen could actually be sitting on that chair drinking a cup of tea. It gave me a closeness to her that I haven’t experienced before.

And because the Queen spends time there it’s important that it doesn’t feel like a museum to her. So there was a real lack of protective casing and descriptive placards, which I loved. Again, it made it feel like an actual living castle, rather that a tribute.

And it was just overall very beautiful. The splendour of it all was expected, but still surprising in the flesh. Everything was intricate and stunning.

Tickets cost £25 per person and I would say that that’s a fair value. I would go again.

More pictures below…


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