The Chronicles of the Rings

(.mp4 copy of trailer)

Well the trailer for the new Amazon Lord of the Rings TV show is out. And it doesn’t look promising.

It suffers from the same visual flatness that so many modern superhero and fantasty productions suffer from. There’s just no texture at all to the image. It’s just not a good look. Superhero can often get away with it. But fantasty, not so much. And the lighting always makes the costumes look cheap.

I think this reddit user° sums it up nicely:

…looks like a bad Chronicles of Narnia movie.

And let’s talk about the costumes, hair and makeup in the trailer. They do not look great. Once again, too clean. Nothing looks lived in. All the hair looks like it’s a wig. Costumes are stiff, dry cleaned and lacking character.

Overall, I’m not too hopeful for the show. But you never know. I thought the Witcher looked like garbage based on its trailer and production photos but that turned out… okayish.

Here’s the only three good shots from the trailer:


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