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‘The Cluttered Web: A Scrapbook of Sreenshots’. A collection of website pop-ups. Nothing’s changed since I wrote this five years ago. And I still don’t understand why pop-ups are so prevalent. Big sites I kind of understand. I’m sure they’ve worked out that it increases engagement or something and they make more money in the long run. But I also see newsletter pop-ups on small blogs and sites. They don’t have marketing people insisting on its implementation. And they’re a human being who browses the web and I’m sure comes across pop-ups on other sites. Do they not find them annoying?! How on earth do they come across them and then think “yhep, I want that nonsense on my site too.”

‘On Why I’m Quitting Alcohol’.

The Bafta nominations are out.

‘The BBC Quietly Censors Its Own Archives’. Not sure how I feel about this one.


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