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‘2,000-Year-Old Roman Bowl Discovered Intact in the Netherlands’

'The Quiet Joys of the Very, Very Early Morning Club'. I - like the author - am often at my most productive at 4am. But in my case it’s the end of my day, not the beginning. But there is something magically quiet about the middle of the night. It’s an entirely different world.

Anthony Bourdain would post on reddit sometimes. Mostly on the Brazilian jiu-jitsu subreddit. In the link Rolling Stone has compiled some his better comments. Man do I miss that man.

‘Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch and the Golden Age of Nude Men’. I didn’t realise there’s such a thing as an ‘intimacy coordinator’ who helps arrange nude scenes. Another fun fact: there’s sometimes a contract signed which says that nude out-takes will eventually be deleted.

‘The Web in 2036: Predictions on a Whim’. I read this article thinking ‘why on earth is this person making predictions for a date so far away?!’ Then I realised that 2036 is just 14 years away!


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