The North Water (Season 1)

Television: The North Water (Season 1). Maybe I just missed it when it was being released, but I hadn’t heard a peep about this TV show until I stumbled upon it by chance. Basic plot: a doctor, played by Jack O’Connell, goes on a whaling expedition. Then stuff happens.

I’m not a big fan of Jack O’Connell as I find he often overacts, but in this he is more restrained and performs very well. However, the star of the show is a plump and menacing Colin Farrell. He is utterly terrifying and one of the best TV villains I’ve seen in years. And he’s actually slightly underused in the show, with his masterful performance being slightly wasted as other satellite characters take up screen time that probably should have been dedicated to him.

Either way, The North Water is worth your time. It’s only five episodes and probably could have done with another episode in the middle to flesh out the story and characters more. And to be honest the season does have some disjointed elements and its landing isn’t quite as good as its takeoff, but again it is still worth a watch. Also, be aware that in my view the first episode is perhaps its weakest one in the season so if it doesn’t grab you right away at least give episode two a go before jumping ship. 3.5/5

(Also, if you enjoy it be sure to check out The Terror (Season 1), as it has similar vibes and is also the superior of the two shows.)


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