Will you get a day off work when the Queen dies? Is it a bank holiday?

I’ve been wondering for a while now - for purely selfish reasons - if there will be any bank holidays when the Queen dies.

Well, Politico has gained access [c] to documents which lay out the entire plan for what will happen after her death.

So, will you get a day off work? The answer is maybe:

The prime minister and the queen have agreed that the day of the state funeral will be a “Day of National Mourning.” This has also led to planning issues. The day will effectively be a bank holiday, although it will not be named as such. If the funeral falls on the weekend or an existing bank holiday, an extra bank holiday will not be granted. If the funeral falls on a weekday, the government does not plan to order employers to give employees the day off — the documents say that is a matter between employees and their staff

Simply put, if you work for a decent company they’ll probably give you the day off. If you work for a crap company, then don’t hold your breath.


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