Pay-as-You-Go Reading

I still can’t quite believe that there’s no way for me to quickly donate to an online publication once I get to the bottom of an article.

I’ve wanted something like this for years now and I even feel like I’ve talked about it multiple times. Because I hate subscriptions you see. They’re usually overpriced for how much value I get out of them, and they’re nearly always impossible to cancel.

I just want a little icon at the bottom of each and every New Yorker article, for example, that I can tap and then donate some small amount of money.

It would have to be quick and easy. But services like Apple Pay and Stripe make that simple enough.

Someone please make such a thing.

(Though maybe people have tried in the past and just worked out that it’s not viable. Flattr has almost exactly this idea. And whilst they’re still technically still going, only a small number of websites support them).


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