'Inside Twitter’s Decision to Cut Off Trump'

The New York Times [c]:

But Mr. Dorsey was not sold on a permanent ban of Mr. Trump. He emailed employees the next day, saying it was important for the company to remain consistent with its policies, including letting a user return after a suspension.

Many workers, fearing that history would not look kindly upon them, were dissatisfied. Several invoked IBM’s collaboration with the Nazis, said current and former Twitter employees, and started a petition to immediately remove Mr. Trump’s account.

[…] Some Twitter employees, fearing the wrath of Mr. Trump’s supporters, have now set their Twitter accounts to private and removed mentions of their employer from online biographies, four people said. Several executives were assigned personal security.

I still don’t know how I feel about Trump being banned from Twitter. I personally think a two week ban might of been the better option.

Also it’s worth revisiting this article by the New York Times again: How Trump Reshaped the Presidency in Over 11,000 Tweets.


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