Dr Martens To Go Public

British boot manufacturer Dr Martens is going to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Financial Times [c]:

While Dr Martens has returned to profitability under Permira’s ownership, the period has not been without problems. In recent years, the brand has suffered complaints that the quality of its shoes is not what it used to be.

Mr Wilson dismissed “rumours” about the quality of Dr Martens boots, saying that the company has been using the same leather supplier for the past 20 years. But it has no plans to reintroduce its life-long warranty range, which it ditched three years ago citing low demand for the more expensive boot.

Outside the fashion community Dr Martens has entirely lost its reputation. No boot enthusiast is buying them any more. Docs were never work boots, but they were always exteremly well made and long lasting. Those days are over.

Instead I’d reccomend buying some Solovair’s instead. They use the same machinery that older Dr Martens were made with. And I’ve been very happy with mine.


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